God’s Greatest Miracle

The church of Jesus has come through persecution, criticism, divisions as well as the sins and failures of both leaders and followers. She has continued through twenty centuries in the face of doubts, anxieties, opposition and temptation.
There is no army that can conquer her, no dictator who can crush her, no law that can banish her and no power that can separate her from the love of Christ. She is His bride, His greatest passion and His companion forever. Jesus waits holding open the door of eternity, watching her with expectation, for the moment when she will come to be with Him.
The greatest miracle was not bread multiplied or water walked on. It was neither the healing of the sick, nor turning water to wine. The death and resurrection of our Lord was only the beginning of His plan. Through the cross and up from the grave He came, giving His life for us to be His church. That is God’s greatest miracle of all!!

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