Are you looking for God? He is looking for you!!

Looking for the shepherd?

On a Sunday morning 2000 years ago Mary came looking for Jesus..but she found only an empty grave. While she looked around wondering what could have happened she fell into such despair that she sat crying alone even when all her friends had left. Do you feel alone or abandoned even by people who are close to you?
The good news was that just as Jesus came looking for Mary that morning he is also looking for us. John tells us that Jesus came and asked her about her tears. See God doesn’t just come and tell us to get over it! God comes and asks about our heart. Mary didn’t recognize Jesus at first. She thought he might be the gardener. Then Jesus did something that he has continued to do ever since. He called her name. There is nothing more life changing than finding out that God knows our name and He has come just for us. God knows your name today and He has come for you as He has been coming for everyone who has been looking for him since Mary’s morning at the empty grave. Jesus really is the best shepherd. He knows where his sheep are. If we really want to find Him; in the moment when we do do expect, He will come and call your name.

John 10:3 …the sheep recognize his voice and come to him. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.

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